Google will now show Covid-19 alerts for travel related searches

1 week ago 30

Countries around the world have updated their travel restrictions due to the coronavirus outbreak. This has also led to a spike in search for travel by users. Google is updating its search results for travel by adding Covid-19 advisories along with it.

With the new update, users will start seeing Covid-19 travel advisories along with the search results. Information related to travel searches for that destination will appear on Google Search, Google Maps and on The search results will show information on that destination as it did before but it will also have a “COVID-19 Alert” flagged in red on top. Just below this, there will be a link to that particular destination’s travel advisory.

“When you search on Google for information like flights, hotels, or things to do you’ll start seeing COVID-19 related travel advisories or restrictions for your destination, with links to relevant information from your country’s travel authority when possible,” Google said in a blog post.

Google is also making it easier for users to see updated information on flight changes and cancellations. Users can check specific flight details on Google Search or through Google Flights.

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