Coronavirus: Pokemon Go made easier, cheaper to play since you are stuck at home

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Niantic has made Pokemon Go easier and cheaper to play while you are stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s tough to get poke balls when you are stuck at home and cannot be out to spin PokeStops or gyms. So to make sure that you are stocked up, Niantic is letting you buy 100 poke balls for 1 PokeCoin for this week.

This bundle, that’s worth 1 PokeCoin, will be offering something different every week in rotation and is a one-time purchase.

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Niantic has also increased daily bonuses and will be giving you three times the stardust and XP for the first catch of the day. The game-maker has also adjusted the number of gifts you can open in a day to 30.  

Niantic, Inc.


Trainers, we've made changes to @PokemonGoApp until further notice, including adjusting gifts and adding Weekly bundles for 1 PokéCoin (featuring 100 Poké Balls this week), see the full list of changes here: 

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Niantic has also launched a new feature called ‘Today View’ that will show you the latest things you need to know in the game. This feature will display the latest and upcoming events, let you know which of your Pokemon are in the gyms and your spin and catch streaks.  

Exciting news, Trainers! You will soon be able to view...
⭐ Ongoing events
⭐ Live bonuses
⭐ Daily streaks
...and more, all in-game!

We’re happy to introduce our brand-new feature, the Today View. Learn more: 

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Niantic has also cancelled Raid Hour for now and the Lugia Raid Week. You can, however, still get Cobalion as a Go Battle League reward until March 31. 

Trainers, Lugia Raid Week and Raid Hour have been canceled. Trainers will now have the chance to encounter Cobalion as a GO Battle League reward encounter during this time until Tuesday, March 31, 2020, at 1:00 p.m. PDT.

— Pokémon GO (@PokemonGoApp) March 24, 2020
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